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Teaching more black history is fine — turning schools into ‘everything is racist’ is not

NYC Schools Chancellor Meisha Ross Porter says a new black history curriculum will equip kids to combat the racism in their midst.

That the city Department of Education is developing an improved black history curriculum shouldn’t be the least controversial. But Chancellor Meisha Ross Porter’s claim that it’s all about “social justice” should sound alarms.

Worse, the people behind the project say the curriculum will introduce kids to the “role of race in power relationships and the impact of systemic and institutional racism.” The jargon certainly sounds like a wave, if not a kiss, at critical race theory — with all its obsessions with explaining everything as racism at work.

The new curriculum, planned for a rollout in schools early next May, is the first fruit of the $10 million “education equity” outlays that the City Council’s Black, Latino and Asian Caucus inserted into this year’s budget. Presumably, the DOE will also be producing Latino and Asian history curricula, too — since Porter says, “Our children have to see and experience themselves every single day in the curriculum.”

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