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Give and Receive

Donate 226 Chf to Prejudice Awareness to get a book

“Les Fées inverses” by François Jonqueres


“Deliruim très Mince” by Igor Ustinov


One book, two sides, two authors and 32 original illustrations by igor Ustinov (one detachable) is a collector!

Only 400 copies have been made.

Graphically composed by a therapeutic Adapted studio, and produced thanks to the generosity of a sponsor.


Even the authors have given up their rights in order to support the countless initiatives of the USTINOV foundations, to raise awareness and combat the negative effects of prejudice in our societies, by fostering the value of respect for each other and respect for nature.

This book was produced with the help of an Adapted Company and the generosity of a sponsor.

The entire income from this book is dedicated to


The entire income from this book is dedicated to

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