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" is for all internet users to have an interactive debate about prejudice, to develop awareness and vigilance about the negative consequences.
Everyone can exchange, inform, and explain convictions to set back prejudice by knowledge and understanding."



Prejudice Awareness collects articles referring to prejudice worldwide and has deliberately no editor, no interference.
The redactors equally published on this website, and retain the ownership of their articles.
We encourage all internet users to participate actively to prejudice awareness campaign on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.




With personalities involved with :

- The Sir Peter Ustinov Foundation (Frankfurt, Germany) acting in the Domain of education (schools) with Unesco –

the German federal ministry of development and of GTZ  

- The Ustinov Institute (Vienna, Austria) acting through a chair at the Vienna University, by a yearly conference and numerous publications on prejudice science

- The Ustinov College at Durham University

portrait Igor 2.jpg

Igor Ustinov in dedication to his father Sir Peter Ustinov.

Igor Ustinov, Founder of Prejudice Awareness.

Clara Ustinov


Vincent Solaris


Georges Luks


Francis Clivaz


Anthony Bazbaz


Maheult Martin


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