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Social Enterprise UK and anti-racism

Social enterprises are businesses set up to challenge inequalities but we cannot escape from the fact that inequalities of access and opportunity persist in our sector, reflecting those found in wider society. This is particularly apparent when it comes to racial inequality, with too many barriers still faced by racialised groups within the social enterprise community.

This part of our website will be a space on which SEUK will share learning and best practice as well as explore how social enterprises can play a part

It will show what we’re doing at SEUK to ensure that we work as an anti-racist organisation, setting out our strategy on how we embed principles of justice, equity, diversity and inclusion across our internal processes and wider work as the voice of the sector. Our initial focus will be on tackling racism but we have seen that changes we make to improve inclusion and diversity in this space are broadly similar to practices required to ensure all we do reaches people from other under-represented, marginalised and disadvantaged groups.

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