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Open your eyes and avoid the stains of prejudice | Whale’s Tales

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I have been thinking lately about all the people who by some dark mechanism have managed to willfully blind themselves to what is directly in front of them.

The ones who insist X is white when our eyes tell us it’s black, and vice versa. And when we object, they call us “idiots.”

It would be laughable — like a hagfish calling us ugly — if the people putting it out there with their blinkered view of the world were not fomenting societal fractures and setting us against each other.

But they are.

It is not new, this tendency, and the litany of blockheaded ideas this trait has sprung over the centuries is long and tragic, often served up with a wrongheadedness so ridiculous that the prevailing tendency of the listener is to yearn for a hole to open up, or to find a brick wall nearby to ram his or her head against.

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