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New charges allege racist jealousy led white man to slam SUV into Black family's Cold Spring home

White man accused of slamming SUV into Black family's Cold Spring home.

Andrea Robinson, center, answers questions following the Cold Spring City Council meeting Tuesday, July 27, 2021. Her family — including daughter Jackie Umerski, husband Phil and daughter Olivia Williams, pictured from left — have endured harassment while living in the community.

Charges alleging racism as a motive have been added against a central Minnesota man accused of crashing an SUV into a multiracial family's home near St. Cloud because he suspected his girlfriend at the time of cheating on him with a Black or biracial man. Benton L. Beyer, 32, of Richmond, is now charged in Stearns County District Court with 11 counts, including assault with a dangerous weapon, in connection with the unoccupied stolen SUV slamming into Andrea Robinson's house in Cold Spring on July 24.

The crash caused extensive damage to the home. The house was occupied at the time, with one child sleeping on the couch in the living room, near where the vehicle with a piece of granite on the accelerator hit the house. No one was hurt. Beyer was previously charged with violation of a restraining order, property damage, stalking and theft. Read more on the original article :

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