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Influencers Allege Discrimination During Topicals Brand Trip to the Swiss Alps

An influencer trip to the Swiss Alps sponsored by the Black-owned beauty brand Topicals did not go as planned for its 20 guests this past weekend. But this time, the brand wasn’t to blame for the ensuing drama.

The ski trip took a troubling turn at the QC Terme Chamonix spa, as one of the guests, Nella Rose, later explained on Instagram. When she and two other Muslim influencers dressed in modest swimwear made their way to the spa’s swimming pool, an employee stopped them. “The guy goes, basically, ‘You can’t go in there … They can’t go in dressed like that,’” said Rose, adding that the employee directed them to the spa shop to buy bikinis and swimsuits. A lifeguard then told the rest of the group they were making other guests uncomfortable, Rose said.

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