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For South Asians, Travel Remains A Unique Cocktail Of Identity, Ignorance & Prejudice

Image Courtesy : Dazed

Foreign trips for South Asians are rising as the world has opened up its borders once again after the Covid-19 pandemic. More and more young individuals are either permanently moving abroad or are taking shorter trips. The complexities of travelling as a South Asian are multi-faceted and although one is prepared for a lot of curveballs on the way, we can also be quickly blindsided by unexpected racial incidents. In a space where our identities are exaggerated or rather stereotyped, how do South Asians navigate travel?

Some young people are the first generation to have the privilege of travelling, let alone overseas. Many explain how this opportunity can be liberating as the hard work of so many generations rests behind it. It is a chance to finally claim space in a sector that is deemed to be a luxury and hence not offered to so many other South Asians before them.

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