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Asian American groups activated by violence and prejudice

Protesters demonstrated outside the Hall of Justice in May following a series of violent attacks on elderly Asian women in The City. (Kevin N. Hume/The Examiner)

‘There is a newfound sense of fighting back … push come to shove’ On his daily stroll in The City’s Anza Vista neighborhood, 84-year-old Vichar Ratanapakdee was shoved to the ground, sustaining fatal injuries in late January. In Oakland in mid-March, a 75-year-old Asian man was attacked and robbed on his routine morning walk, and he later died. In June, a 94-year-old Chinese Vietnamese woman and San Francisco resident of 45 years was stabbed on a walk in her Tenderloin. Meanwhile, repeated acts of vandalism during the pandemic have left San Francisco’s Chinatown businesses burdened with the weight of costly repairs on top of lost revenue from the shutdown. These incidents exposed the prevalence of anti-Asian violence and prejudice during the pandemic. It is a phenomenon that leaders of San Francisco’s Asian American and Pacific Islander communities say is both terrorizing and tragic, and is compelling them to do more to protect residents.

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