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Captain Alfred Dreyfus - Photo: Wikipedia - Public Domain

David A. Rosenthal*

Anti-Semitism is perhaps the word that exerts the most coercion within the Jewish people. Involuntarily, of course. In an unrelated way, but not in all cases. That coercion that directly affects the will and behavior of individuals. However, this coercive process forms a cohesion. Cohesion as a close relationship between a group of individuals forms the identity necessary to survive over time.  

Anti-Semitism makes Jews special. The persecution that has been focused against the Jews turns the morbid spectator into an amateur, an “amateur” of the tribulations of Israel. 

Likewise, the feeling of anti-Semitism as such is fueled by Jewish individuals who are outside the group or who commit errors that are visible to society, in principle in exile outside Israel, but in Israel itself there is also a place for this. There is anti-Semitism within Israel, some will not believe it until they realize that there is, but in a masked form when it comes to self-hatred. Also the internal conflict between each other, who being Jews cannot tolerate each other.  

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