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What's Wrong with Drag Queens: Playing Politics with Prejudice

A friend on Facebook posted a picture of Bob Hope in drag, entertaining the troops. No Republican legislators in sight. No protests. No problem.

Comedian Melissa McCarthy is right. In a viral post, she defended drag queens. Why not? We've all been entertained by drag shows all our lives.

Why all of a sudden is this a national danger deserving of legislative action?

The answer is not that children need protection from RuPaul.

It's about how you play wedge politics, how you find issues that divide people. That's what the culture wars are all about. It's not a matter of solving the nation's most pressing problems. It's about dividing people along ideological lines and using conscious and unconscious bias for political benefit. That's what is going on here, and it is for sure a dangerous game, not because drag queens are dangerous but because playing politics with prejudice is.


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