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US: Murders, poverty and discrimination

The 2024 World Report of the international organisation Human Rights Watch (HRW), which analyses the human rights situation in more than 100 countries, went somewhat unnoticed in the mainstream media in Latin America. In my opinion, the mainstream media tend to use it only when it suits them, generally to continue with their rhetoric against Cuba or Venezuela, without explaining that the US economic sanctions against these countries generate poverty, migration, and end up violating human rights.

In general, the mainstream media tend to hide or disguise the serious human rights violations that occur in their own countries while, by editorial line, defending the neoliberal economic system that allows the concentration of wealth for a few and poverty (violation of human rights) for many.

Of course, almost nothing is said about Big Brother, about American democracy, about the human rights situation in the United States, and if they are known, no one cries foul or demands condemnation. Even less is there any criticism of US foreign policy, which has dire consequences for other countries in terms of human rights.

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