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Travellers on their fight against prejudice: 'No one's looking for special treatment, just equal treatment'

“It's not ‘what pub would you like to go to?’... It’s always ‘Where will we actually get in the door?’”. In the second in a series of articles about issues facing the Irish Traveller community, Luke Butterly speaks to Traveller activists about their experiences of discrimination.


When Martin McDonagh wanted to go to a restaurant to celebrate his parents’ wedding anniversary, he struggled to find somewhere which would accept his booking.

The 37-year-old, from Omagh, Co Tyrone, said one restaurant told him the premises were full - but only after he gave his name.

“In the likes of Omagh, there tend to be Traveller surnames that dominate. In Omagh, it tends to be McDonagh or Ward,” he said.


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