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Transphobic Violence Doesn’t Happen in a Vacuum

Anti-trans hate follows an escalating script. It’s up to all of us to disrupt it.

Members of far-right group Proud Boys protest against Drag Story Hour at a public library in New York.

My Signal chat dinged. Dinged again. A flood of messages. Over the weekend of January 14, the neo-Nazi group NSC-131 disrupted a drag queen story hour at a small local library in Taunton, here in eastern Massachusetts. The Nazis sat among the kids, some of whom ran out of the room. They shouted ​“groomer” and worse at the drag performer reading the books. There was no counter-protest at that particular story hour, because local queer activists were already over in nearby Fall River, protecting another drag reading event from disruption by the same neo-Nazi group.

The coordination. The forethought. The malice.

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