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These California police officers have created a scandal. They sent racist text

Kiora Hansen and Della Currie protest against racism by Antioch police officers at a rally in front of the police department on Tuesday.

Sandhya Dirks/NPR

Warning: This story includes quotations with racist and vulgar language as well as descriptions of violent attacks.

Kathryn Wade marched up to the microphone in the city council chambers before the meeting had even started with something to say. Wade is no stranger to the City Council in Antioch, Calif. She's been coming here to talk and yell about the Antioch Police Department (APD) and their treatment of Black people for the past decade, since she was just one of a small handful of residents speaking up.

Now, on this early Tuesday evening in April, she was far from alone.

"Shut it all down," Wade screamed across the packed room.

She was talking about the police department of this suburban Northern California town, about 45 minutes northeast of Oakland.

Antioch sits in the middle of a storm of scandal after the release of violent, racist, homophobic and sexist text messages by the city's police officers.

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