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The fight against racial discrimination against Afro-descendants is an irreversible goal

Until before the beginning of this century, the systematic and historical invisibility and denial by states of the Afro-descendant population generated the great backwardness that affects them

OMS - International Day for People of African Descent to be celebrated on 31 August

"People of African descent are the children of the victims who survived the transatlantic slave trade and its subsequent migrations," explains Pastor Elías Murillo Martínez, a member of the United Nations Permanent Forum on People of African Descent.

In an interview with UN News, the independent expert adds that, from the point of view of the political process and social construction, Afro-descendants "are the set of individuals, families, peoples, communities, who share a history with social and cultural patterns that distinguish them from other ethnic groups and who are governed in some countries partially or totally by special legislation".


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