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Syrian refugee confronts prejudice in Turkey

A Syrian refugee in Turkey responded to xenophobic comments with a passionate defence of her community's contributions and challenges, highlighting issues of prejudice and misunderstanding.

During a recent confrontation in Turkey, a Syrian refugee responded assertively to a Turkish man’s accusation that Syrians live “for free” in the country. “What do you mean free? You’re the one living for free,” she retorted, stating that she is an English teacher who has worked voluntarily for eight years.

The incident, captured on video, underscores the tensions between Syrian refugees and some segments of the Turkish population.

The Syrian woman emphasised her and her community’s efforts to integrate and contribute to Turkish society. “I started from scratch when I arrived,” she explained, highlighting their work ethic and educational achievements. “We work, we earn. We’re educated, we know languages,” she added. Her statement reflects a broader narrative of resilience and contribution amidst the challenges faced by refugees.

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