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Speaker: Prejudice against immigrants stems from fear

An immigration educator told students in April that everyone has a “story of migration.”

“The story of migration is a human story,” said Abeer Shinnawi, a program leader at Re-Imagining Migration, a Boston organization that educates students and others about immigration in an effort to build bridges among people of varying cultures. “Everyone has a story.”

Shinnawi’s presentation was part of a lecture series called “America: Land of the Free,” sponsored by AACC’s Homeland Security & Criminal Justice Institute during Immigration Awareness & Heritage Month.

Immigration in the United States, Shinnawi said, is as old as the country itself. She said George Washington hoped for America to be a “safe haven” for immigrants.

The objections that some raise against immigration stem from racism and fear, Shinnawi said. She said fear sometimes revolves around a suspicion that immigrants will try to replace traditional American culture with their own or that they will introduce more crime to communities.

Author : Hannah Boring

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