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Pregnancy to prejudice, biases haunt the Indian workplace — what's the way out?

Bias at the workplace remains a prickly issue even in the age of social media, when unfair conduct can go 'viral.' Women continue to bear the brunt of different forms of discriminations in India, with pregnancy still spelling corporate doom in many cases. Unbelievably, caste, religion, looks continue to matter in some workplaces — among an unholy mix of factors.

Recently the former vice president of talent acquisition Jill Prejean sued Infosys for age and sex discrimination in the US, claiming that the IT company treated her unfairly and retaliated against her. Prejean alleged in an amended complaint filed in September last year that she joined Infosys and discovered a "rampant culture of illegal discriminatory animus among the partner level executives based on age, gender, and caregiver status."


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