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No Arab, Turkish and Muslim Spring! Fascism everywhere

Updated: Mar 15, 2021

Illustration: Alfred Jarry's satire about the tyrant Ubu

The number of Germans who reject the legitimacy of Merkels's government is steadily increasing since last year. 13 years in office are more than enough and Germans are tired of "Mutti". And this is very easy to understand if we take a closer look at her political involvements. There are German bootlickers and foreign quislings, politicians and journalists who are still praising Angela Merkel as Europe’s leader and saviour. But she will be remembered as the EU’s destroyer paving the way for Eurofascism.

First of all there was the defeat of SPD's chancellor candidate Martin Schulz in September 2017, and many voters of SPD, CDU/CSU, the Green Party and even the leftists of DIE LINKE — all of them fearing a renewal of the Great Koalition — deserted to the fascist AfD (Alternative für Deutschland), that becomes stronger and stronger. The AfD got dozens of seats in the Bundestag and regional parliaments, and will sit soon in the European Parliament. So far for the biggest xenophobic and anti-migrant party…

On the other hand, the Reichsbürger (Reich Citizens) movement increased from "only" 10,000 in 2016 to about 18.000 members in this hot summer of 2018. The Reichsbürger don't accept the boundaries and laws of post-war Germany, they often have firearms and are causing clashes with authorities and police. Within months, the Federal Agency for Internal Security (Verfassungsschutz) withdrew the gun licences of more than 200 "Reich citizens" and "self-rulers". Many identify with the German Reich of 1871-1918 and 1933-1945 and have a kind of self-rule similar to the sovereign citizens movement in the USA.

There are links between these Reich Citizens (mostly retired men), the Identitarian Movement (mostly young men and women) and the AfD. A couple of months ago, young Identitarian actvists had clashes caused by their anti-migrant ship with coast guards all over the Mediterranean, but in reality mostly for PR purposes.

The next elections for the land parliament in Bavaria will take place on 14th October, and after the flirt of the Bavarian top politicians with the leaders of the fascist axis Vienna-Budapest-Rome, one can speak of an Alpine fascism that would have loved Jörg Haider, the former leader of Austrian fascists and governor of Carinthia, killed in a car accident in 2008...

Since the five-year long fake trial against the neonazi terrorists of the so-called NSU (Nationalsozialistischer Untergrund) there are still too many questions about the presence of AfD supporters or members in Germany's intelligence services. Very much concerned by this trial and its outcome are the Turkish and Kurdish communities, and finally also the Jews of Germany.

German and Russian Jews, as well as Israeli citizens (latter living mostly in Berlin) are much more threatened by Germans than by Arabs and other Muslims. But many incidents which find their way into the media are provocations caused and/or financed by various sources...

In Germany, immediately after 1945, the "Reeducation" — mainly by the US occupying power — was an understandable reaction when the horror of the concentration camps became fully apparent, but it was accompanied by hatred and lies. From then on, Germans carefully avoided the Jews and in this way disrupted the traditional connections, leading to today's mutual misunderstanding...

Hostile Muslims and Western convertites continue even after the defeats of the "Islamic State", and despite many death sentences in Iraq against young IS activists. There is still an increase of about 10% to now 10.800 in the number of people in Germany who follow Salafism.

Norman Davies' book "Europe: A History" (1996) reminded the World that after WW1 several democracies became dictatorships, like it happened after 1990 already in Russia, Belarus and Turkey, and began already in Hungary, Poland, Ukraine and other countries. "The dictators came in all shapes and sizes — communists, fascists, radicals and reactionaries, left-wing authoritarians (like Pilsudski), right-wing militarists (like Franco), monarchs, anti-monarchists, even a cleric like Father Tiso in Slovakia. The only thing they shared was the conviction that Western democracy was not for them."

Nowadays, neonazis and islamist fascists are interchangeable. It is easy to turn a neonazi into an Islamic fascist and vice-versa. It's the same mechanism as that of left extremists and right extremists. Every secret service knows this, and therefore extremists are so easy to manipulate.

And it's also easy to turn Turkish anti-fascists, living in Erdoğan's Sultanate, into haters of Western democraties thanks to the foreign manipulations of the lira. Because its devaluation with horrendous prices for basic food and petrol is the easiest way to lose sympathy among Turks everywhere in the World.

But it is clear that Erdoğan, whose nickname was "10 percent Tayyip" since his time as Istanbul's Lord Mayor, is finished with his clan and their illegally accumulated immense wealth.

His cynicism, which may even culminate in asking his subjects to deliver their gold and jewellery at collecting centers, will eventually bring him down. He is now in a situatuon similar to his dictator friend Nicolás Maduro and his nearly worthless Venezuelan bolivar. Moreover, Erdoğan is tired of people losing faith in his divinely wise eonomic policies. So they are told that it would be better to shut up. Erdoğan could remain in power by the grace of Merkel, Rohani and Putin. But these "friends" are themselves deep in poop.


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