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Mortal Kombat star Ludi Lin talks overcoming racism, anti-Asian prejudice in America

Is Chinese-Canadian action star Ludi Lin set for the big time as steps up from roles in Monster Hunt and Aquaman to play Liu Kang in Mortal Kombat? Photo: Alvin Goh, Warner Brothers

Mortal Kombat star Ludi Lin talks overcoming racism, anti-Asian prejudice in America and drawing inspiration from Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan to play Liu Kang – exclusive interview

  • Is Chinese-Canadian actor Ludi Lin the next Henry Golding? Action roles in Monster Hunt and Aquaman have led to the Mortal Kombat film and coming Kung Fu series

  • He always played his character Liu Kang in the arcade game and grew up watching Jackie Chan – later he came to appreciate Bruce Lee’s wisdom and individuality

The huge success of Crazy Rich Asians made Hollywood execs realise that Asian actors not named Jackie Chan could be box office draws.

Who’d have guessed that the quality of the film rather than the race of its lead actors might be important?

While Asian actors Henry Golding and Constance Wu have certainly become household names due to their on-screen success, Ludi Lin is definitely getting his share of the limelight.

Lin has all the attributes a smart American studio could want in a star. Born in Fuzhou, China, but educated in Australia and North America, Lin has international appeal being fluent in English, Mandarin and Cantonese. A keen martial artist, the 33-year-old has genuine combat chops having learned Muay Thai, jiu-jitsu and Olympic-style wrestling – not to mention the ripped body of someone so physically active and in possession of a bachelor’s degree in dietetics.

Author : Douglas Parkes

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