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Majority of black people report discrimination in health or work settings

Survey challenges Commission on Race and Ethnic Disparities report of 2021, which found no evidence of institutional racism in the areas it examined

TV historian and BEO trustee David Olusoga (Image: Uplands Television)

Most black people in the UK feel they have been discriminated against or passed over for promotion or employment due to their ethnicity, the largest survey of its kind has suggested. And black Britons still face considerable discrimination, particularly in public services such as the health and criminal justice system, but remain resilient in its face, according to the report.

Research also found that the majority of black people surveyed had either experienced being stopped and searched by police or had been wrongfully arrested – or knew someone close to them who had. The research was commissioned by the Black Equity Organisation, a national civil rights organisation launched in May to tackle systemic racism in the UK.

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