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Interracial gay couple discusses love, hate

Amos Lim, left, and his husband, Mickey Lim, are happily married but still face anti-Asian prejudice on occasion. Photo: Christopher Robledo

For Amos and Mickey Lim, a married gay couple who live with their 14-year-old daughter in San Francisco, the road to love was filled with challenges.

Amos Lim, 52, is an emigre from Singapore, a country where it's not easy to be gay. Mickey Lim, 58, is a white man. Their love for each other and for their daughter runs deep, but they admit that at times they must deal with the prejudices of the outside world.

The couple met online in 1995.

"I think I reached out because I was living in Singapore and was struggling with being gay," Amos Lim recalled in a recent interview. "I saw a post that said the reason there's no love in gay relationships is because we don't have role models, and Mickey replied saying that's not true, that there was a couple that just released their book called 'Straight From the Heart,' so I emailed him and asked him if he minded getting me the book because it'll probably be banned in my country."

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