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"Ideological Prejudice": China Slams US Boycott Of 2022 Beijing Olympics

Beijing Winter Olympics: China said it was firmly opposed to the US diplomatic boycott.

China said on US diplomatic boycott of the Beijing Winter Olympics,"The US attempt to interfere with the Beijing Winter Olympics out of ideological prejudice, based on lies and rumours."


The United States announced a diplomatic boycott of the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics over what it termed China's "genocide" of the Uyghur minority and other human rights abuses, prompting a fierce rebuke from Beijing Tuesday.

The decision -- which stopped short of preventing athletes from attending -- comes after Washington spent months wrangling over what position to take on the Games beginning in February next year.

The move drew fiery opposition from Beijing, which threatened countermeasures and slammed the announcement as violating "political neutrality in sport".


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