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Hijab Controversy: When discrimination, prejudice becloud human rights of Muslim women, girls

The discrimination and prejudices against wearing of Hijab in the country have raged for some time now, with Muslim women and girls in the middle of this battle. Such discriminations and prejudices are more prevalent in the Southwest states of Lagos, Oyo, Osun and Ogun as well as Kwara in the North Central region.

Based on the Islamic doctrine, it is an undisputed obligation for female Muslims who have reached puberty to wear hijab, just as it is considered a sin when abandoned. The non-understanding of this fact has created religious tension between Muslim faithful and adherents of other religions.

The use of hijab is directed in Qur’an 24:31, which commands women to cover their hair: “Tell the believing women to draw their headscarves over their chest.”

The verse also makes it clear that women are not only required to cover their head, but they are also to wear it in a specific manner.

There are many reasons the wearing of hijab in some parts of the country earlier mentioned has become highly controversial.

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