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Helping Kids & Teens Avoid Discrimination & Prejudice Behaviors

Discrimination is a big problem in America. This article describes how teens are impacted by it & how to avoid these behaviors

Since there has been an increase in crimes against Jewish Americans, African Americans, Asian Americans and transgender teenagers (CDC), we have continued to look at racism and discrimination in our Country. The sad truth is that discrimination and racism continues in the United States and some researchers are finding that it is increasing not decreasing (CDC). The murder of George Floyd is a prime example that racism continues in our society. Additionally, protestors today are not just talking about obvious racism, they are protesting institutional racism and discrimination which exists at many levels in our society. One place in exist is in our schools. Children and teenagers are not born with racism and prejudice, but we teach it to them as they grow up. We need to change how children are raised if we want to eliminate racism and prejudice.

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