“Get used to female referees the time of prejudice is over”

At the stadium as a child she understood that football, cheering and colors, would be the passion of a lifetime, but not kicking the ball. “Mom, don’t make her pass for a bigoted (laughs, ndr), he didn’t want me to play. Better to referee … ». At the stadium, Maria Sole Ferrieri Caputi went to see Livorno and, in Livorno, she began writing a page, today, the most read.

From Serie C to Serie A. A “historic” promotion.

«Mine is the last step of a journey that began some time ago: I consider myself lucky to have the opportunity to reap the benefits of what can also be defined as a cultural revolution in various sectors of life. Get used to female referees, a road has opened up ».

Lucky and good.

“If I’m good, the others will have to say it. For sure, at the base of my promotion there is a world of sacrifices ».

How do you imagine the championship of the greats?

“Fast, faster. Full of changes in the face and full of professional players: I mean guys who will know how to assert their reasons in front of the referee ».

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