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Former Boeing employee sues, alleging harassment, discrimination at work

Rachel Rasmussen is a former Boeing mechanic who has sued the company over allegations of harassment, discrimination and retaliation. Rasmussen, who is a lesbian, transgender woman, says she faced 10 years of harassment at... (Ken Lambert / The Seattle Times)

When Rachel Rasmussen, then a Boeing crane mechanic, reported that her manager had made an anti-gay joke, she suddenly found herself facing a one-day suspension over parking tickets.

Later, Rasmussen reported a co-worker for sexual assault — one of many acts of harassment and discrimination she says she faced for more than 10 years as a transgender, lesbian woman working at Boeing’s Everett facility. In response, Boeing suspended that co-worker for one day, the same punishment Rasmussen faced for the alleged parking violation. 

“I didn’t feel safe. It didn’t feel threat-free. [There was] always a level of anxiety,” Rasmussen said in an interview with The Seattle Times last Friday.

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