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Filipino actor in 'Squid Game' reflects on discrimination experienced in Korea

In this screenshot from YouTube channel "Asian Boss," Christian Lagahit speaks about his career and experiences in Korea.

By Yoon Ja-young

A Filipino actor who played the role of a migrant worker in the popular Netflix series, "Squid Game," talked on the popular YouTube channel, "Asian Boss," about his experiences of discrimination in Korea.

In an interview with Youtube channel "Asian Boss," Christian Lagahit, who appeared on the original Korean drama as "Player 276," introduced himself as a marketing consultant and data analyst who works as a part-time actor here. He said that he came to Korea in 2015 at the suggestion of his mother, who was also working in the country. He started working here as an English teacher and also did part-time gigs as an actor in several films, including "Space Sweepers" and "The Negotiation."

Asked whether he has had any experiences of being stereotyped in Korea, Lagahit said that it was closer to discrimination.

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