Doctors urged to act on racism and sexism

Dr Jillann Farmer has urged rural Queensland colleagues to call out racism and sexism at work.

Rural doctors have been urged to consider their privilege a superpower, and call out racism and sexism in their workplaces.

Dr Jillann Farmer, a Rockhampton-raised GP who served as the United Nation's medical director, said the word "privilege" can often carry negative connotations, but it should be used for good.

"It is important that those of us who have privilege, who hold that superpower in our hands, speak up and advocate for people," Dr Farmer told the Rural Doctors' Association of Queensland conference in Gladstone on Thursday night.

"We (need to) make sure people who wield privilege as a tool of oppression don't get the light of day.

"If enough of us stand up to it, then privilege will be used in the right way."

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