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Could the aging boom change our prejudice against ‘old?’

America soon will have millions of active, vibrant older people. But it's unclear if that will blunt ageism.

Darielle Wilson, 89, teaches a literature class at the Oasis Senior Center in Newport Beach. (Photo by Jeff Gritchen, Orange County Register/SCNG)

Barry Rashap, 79, felt it at the bank, where a woman stepped in front of him because he was a step too slow to get in line.

“I actually said something, but she didn’t respond,” Rashap said. “But when she was done and I got up to the teller, he sort of said, ‘Good for you.’ He saw that she was rude to me because of my age.”

For Barbara Sloate, 86, the feeling has come as she’s aged into what she calls “an also.”

“At a certain point, you aren’t considered normal,” Sloate said. “It’s like, ‘Also, Mom will be there.’ You’re an also, an afterthought, even in your own life.”

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