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Children who face racist bullying at school need support from teachers – but many don’t get it | Pro

Pro IQRA News Updates.

In the 2020-21 academic year, there were 1,198 reported cases of racially motivated bullying in Scottish schools – up from 409 in 2016-17. These are the highest numbers recorded to date. My research, which my colleagues and I have conducted, explores the impact of racial bullying like this — bullying motivated by prejudice against someone’s race, ethnicity, culture, nationality, or religion. We conducted what is known as a systematic review: examining existing research studies to look for trends and patterns. We’ve compiled the results of 73 existing research studies on racial bullying from around the world. We wanted to know more about what happens to young people who experience racial bullying. We found that racial bullying increases the risk of poor mental health. It can cause loneliness and lead to children dropping out of school. It can lead to alcohol and substance abuse. We also found that young people feel their teachers ignore prejudices and racial stereotypes. The way teachers handle complaints of racism can be critical to the mental health of children and young people.


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