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Biden Creates Monument to Lynching Victim, Urges US to Confront Racism

President Joe Biden signs a proclamation to establish the Emmett Till and Mamie Till-Mobley National Monument, in the Indian Treaty Room on the White House campus, in Washington, July 25, 2023.


U.S. President Joe Biden designated a new national monument Tuesday to memorialize the racist 1950s lynching of Emmett Till, and challenged Americans to confront their dark history or risk repeating the past. "We should know about our country. We should know everything," Biden said at a White House ceremony attended by lawmakers and Till family members, including the last surviving witness to his abduction, prior to torture and murder. The monument honors Till, a 14-year-old Black boy snatched by white men in 1955 after he allegedly whistled at a white shopkeeper's wife in Mississippi. It also honors his mother Mamie Till-Mobley, who turned the tragedy into a focal point for the nascent civil rights movement. Signed on the 82nd anniversary of Till's birth, Biden's proclamation preserves three historic sites in Illinois and Mississippi.

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