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Anne. Frankly...

Updated: Apr 17, 2021

Anne. Frankly, I am sad writing this on Holocaust Memorial Day, because the thought of it, is enough, to make any sane, or sympathetic, person, sad, but the reports of a rise in antisemitic hate crimes, and the increase in comments, and crafty, and cruel, insinuations today, against people who have done nothing but bring humanity and dignity and artistry to this world, horrifies me!

There are some, who seek to use the failings of, and frustrations they feel about, the Israeli government, to denigrate a people, who are not a state, who mostly do not even live in that state, and individual persons, who are amongst the most peaceful, most cultural, most individual, in their levels of acomplishment and contributions to our world.

There are some, who let the success, or superficial power, obvious amongst big businesses , particularly in the financial sector, or the financial aspects of the arts and entertainment field, to instil in them, a hatred of capitalism, so great, as to equate it with the success of a few families, who only succeeded in that sector, because hundreds of years ago, it was the only area of work they were allowed to pursue to be successful, as they were banned from the universities and the professions !

Antisemitic prejudice, like all the ethnic, or homophobic, or mysoginistic, hate, that engulfs the few too many, who hold these hideous feelings, in their warped, cold hearts, and , possess these insideous thoughts, in their narrow, closed minds, has no reason to be, and is based on no reason!

Anne. Frankly, you have moved me since I can remember, and surely must, for any feeling person, who can feel anything fondly and for another, and the sight of you, the thought of you, moves me, to say I am sad, but I am angry enough, to want to work through it , and say I am happy too, that so few share the hate, and so many know you, and those like you, who perished, leave us inspired, and motivated, to say it yet, and ever, and whether louder, or softer, perhaps stronger, for knowing that those who hate, or who are hateful, are ignorant as much as, or maybe , yes, more than, evil, and that evil, is lesser than once, but that in reckoning this, we , or I, cannot know it fully, so shall carry on saying, it is something we shall fight against, and speak out about, and we shall never forget, because we shall forever regret, that it is necessary, but it is!

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