Would you trust a female mechanic? A look at the subtle prejudice of “epistemic injustice”

Why, exactly, don't you trust that person's opinion?

  • The philosopher Miranda Fricker coined the term "epistemic injustice" for any occasion we discount or downplay someone's testimony based on nonrelevant factors (like gender or race).

  • It's something seen in attacks on industry-funded studies. But to attack the source without addressing the content is no better than an ad hominem logical fallacy.

  • We all have some unconscious idea of who or what makes a reputable source. We should remember not to let nonrelevant factors cloud our judgements.

The team is hunched over the quiz paper. Marie knows the answer.

“It’s leopards,” she says, confidently. Keegan, who’s holding the pen, makes an unsure noise. Marie frowns. After a few long, awkward moments, Nick pipes up.

Read more on the original article : https://bigthink.com/thinking/epistemic-injustice-prejudice/

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