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WITHOUT PREJUDICE , A Courting of Disaster by The Court of Public Opinion

Trumped ! It has hapened ! Silence in court ! No your Honour ! And the honour of us all means we shall not be silenced !

If the American President is the leader of the free world , then we the free Citizens of the World are watching. We may not be judge or jury . Our deliberations might not obviously count . But we are in the public gallery and we are witnesses too !

Our local and national relations , in America , our brothers and sisters in the family of nations ,depend on our attendance in court now. And regional and international relations , throughout the world , our special and not so special relationships , depend on our attending regularly.

Some think Clinton was the warmonger . But it was Trump who says he wants to "bomb the sh** out of ISIS !"Some think Clinton a cold warror , so anti-Putin. But it is Trump with his finger on the button ! Is that a place we want his finger ?! It does not bear thinking about !

The election of a man based on prejudice is of our utmost concern. A ban on the basis of religion, of people entering his country legally . A wall based on a whim to stop people entering illegally. A mocking based on disability. And constantly the sexism based on sheer stupidity ! And that is but a part of his personality ! If the American symbol is the American Eagle, the American people now have the American Ego ! When Air Force One touches down , we can say , "the Ego has landed !"

For some , the jury is out , give him a chance , innocent until proven guilty, and all that . As a British citizen , and an Englishman , I know the importance of that , a central component of English Law and British justice , not practiced in every democratic country , quite apart from the undemocratic ones . But Donald J. Trump is on a trial period .We have seen prosecution and defence in an election campaign that was trial by ordeal. But this trial shall last yet .

The Court of public opinion has spoken already . But it was not a unanimous verdict . It was not even a majority one . Hillary Clinton won more votes ! Without prejudice ,is a legal phrase , but to be fit for freedom , it is a moral duty. Donald Trump is in the dock .We are witnesses and we are watching carefully ...

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