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Why psychopaths end up as politicians and autocrats

Updated: Mar 15, 2021

Nowadays a democracy is abolished easily by dismantling the institutions by elections and amendments of the constitution, like the number and duration of terms and the concentration of power in one’s own hands. Thus no more by a coup or revolution. The people elects it’s own dictatorship, like in Russia, Venezuela, Turkey and USA.

Psychopaths and sociopaths are, according to psychologists, superficially normal and even charming, like the German chancellor Angela Merkel and the French president Emmanuel Macron, but at a closer look they are egocentric, lacking empathy, honesty and responsibility.

They can be very cold-hearted, like we see in the refugee crisis… Sometimes they show an irresponsible – and even inhuman – behaviour without any reason like US President Donald Trump, often for the fun of it.

You can look at any photo of modern dictators. On all if them they are cheered – and in the case of Adolf Hitler – even heiled (Heil Hitler!) by young women – with the same happy face in any part of the world where they can look at a Führer.

The dictator could ask his bodyguards to bring him some of those girls to his palace or datcha, and he could right away make them one baby after the other – and after a generation a part of his subjects would look like him. Like this there would be no problem to find a successor for his dynasty.

Sure, many of those successors or even look-alikes would be perfect idiots by some kind of inbred, because their mothers, despite their prettiness, are not the brightest ones of the people…

Many of those children might be psychopaths too, and because not everyone of them can be autocrats, they might exert their power as murderers, rapists, marriage swindlers, con artists, car sellers, döner sellers or simply thieves.

In German they say since a couple of hundred years “Stark wie ein Türke”. But in Britain they say “strong as an ox”. An ox? Well, this is an insult, and Brits get therefore sold döners with maggots inside. Yes, Turks are sadists, and one day in German they will call Turks rather “strong as an Erdowahn” – Wahn meaning madness.


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