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Translations: “Prejudice”

A translation of Sir Syed’s “Taasub”

By: Abbas Ali

“Prejudice is one of the worst qualities of a human being. It is the worst quality of a human being that devours and destroys all his good deeds and virtues. The prejudiced might not talk about it, but his attitude shall exhibit that he does not possess justice which is the sublime human virtue. If the biased indulges in any mistake due to his prejudice, he cannot come out of it because his bias will not allow him to listen and ponder against it. Moreover, if he does not commit any mistake but is on the right and straight path, he does not let spread the benefits and advantages so that his opposers may not have an opportunity to get warned against their mistakes.

Prejudice prevents a person from doing tens and thousands of good deeds. Frequently, a man considers a deed beneficial but does not adopt it because of his bias. He is caught deliberately in evil deeds and is away from good deeds.


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