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Syrians ‘encounter prejudice by employers’

President of the Syrian community says many Syrians have integrated in Malta

Taleb Zaidan moved to Malta eight years ago.

Syrian workers have experienced unjustified prejudice by employers who refuse to work with them out of fear they may “cause trouble”, according to the president of the community in Malta.

“Whenever a Syrian person is charged in court, some media splash the label ‘Syrian’ in the headline. That word causes a lot of problems for our community even though the person is innocent until proven guilty. We had cases of employers telling Syrian workers not to return to work as they did not want any trouble.

“But, just because one Syrian did something wrong, it does not make us all bad. This applies to the Maltese: if a Maltese person does something wrong, this does not make all Maltese people bad,” said Taleb Zaidan who stressed that the majority of Maltese people have been very welcoming.

Zaidan, who is also the president of Syrian Solidarity in Malta, said that since the war broke out in Syria the number of Syrians in Malta increased from a few hundred to about 6,500.

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