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Stop Labeling People 2 - the medical terms are off the tracks

An interesting video about weither one should completely believe the medical term that describes their personality, or weither you should trust your own instinct and see your own potential as strenghts.

Many people are subject to prejudice, because the norms are taking over usual behaviours, where everthing becomes a desease. Smoking too much is a sickness, being hyperactive is an illness, etc.

Then you become a weird product of the society, a mix of complex malformation, with a huge lack of confidence and no more vision in your life / reason to live.

Finally, they give you pills for whatever reasons (economical mainly), you become an addict and the shadow of yourself.

Instead of learning and accepting who you are, with qualities and flaws. Let your inner potential and beauty enter in your life, you'll find harmony with who you truely are.

This is a complete illustration of negative versus positive thinking.

Author : Anthony BAZBAZ


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