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Social Injustice And Poverty: A Vicious Cycle

Poverty and social injustice are the two sides of the same coin, each causing and perpetuating the other. The unequal allocation of power, resources, and opportunities in society results in prejudice, marginalisation, and exclusion of particular groups of people. This is what is known as social injustice. Lack of basic necessities like food, housing, and healthcare is simply termed as poverty, and it typically results from social injustice and systemic inequality.

Poverty and social inequality can appear in a variety of ways. For instance, discrimination that historically existed and still exists today that hinders some racial or ethnic groups from accessing jobs, education, and other resources may make it more certain that people from such backgrounds live in poverty. It may be more difficult for women to escape poverty due to gender-based discrimination that restricts their access to employment and educational possibilities. Accessing healthcare, education, and jobs may be challenging for those with disabilities, which makes their poverty worse.

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