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School food van breaks down prejudice, opens doors for students

Pavilion Food Van instructor Ash Cavigan (front) with students Ebony Vecchio, Zach Rutter and Jack Rutter.CREDIT:EDDIE JIM

When Ebony Vecchio enrolled at The Pavilion School last year, it was something like her last option. Problems at home and in school had almost driven her out of the education system.

“I had a lot of issues with teachers and with other students as well; I got picked on a lot and … there was a lot of family things happening, so I had to drop out of school,” she says.

Her options are opening up.

The Pavilion – already unlike other schools in Melbourne – is truly one of a kind now. ‘Extraordinary resilience’: Young people make strong recovery from stress of pandemic year Last month it opened a food van business, situated on school grounds in the back streets of Preston but open to the public, who are welcome to stroll in for a burger and coffee and dine at a seat beside the school’s flourishing indigenous garden.

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