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Prejudice-free and safe workplaces are the new standard

The first step in improving workplaces is to acknowledge and accept the need for authentic change, the panel said.

Industry experts recently participated in a discussion acknowledging the need for mining companies, across all levels, to embrace vulnerability as a virtue to create psychologically safe workplaces.

Hundreds attended the open and honest discussion held by the Gold Industry Group at the Kalgoorlie Town Hall during the 2022 Diggers & Dealers conference.

Guests were told of the critical need for people in the contemporary workplace to be allowed to live their values as their authentic selves, and people working within all facets of the mining industry must be empowered to speak up and call out unacceptable behaviour when they encounter it.

Panelists at the Gold Industry Group’s Leadership Breakfast, facilitated by Cannings Purple director Peter Klinger, highlighted the need for industry to look forward and work towards solutions that ensure psychologically safe workplaces, free of prejudice, are the minimum standard.


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