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Prejudice disguised as normal behaviour

I had better say this tight up front — I have never experienced prejudice against me because I am white. I suspect that no “person of colour” can say the same.

I have travelled widely. I have spent time in, by my last count, 66 different countries. In many of those, the local population had darker skin than mine. I have never been told, “Hey, whitey, go to the back of the line.” Or, “This is where WE eat; what are you doing here?”

And if anyone has called me derogatory names, they did it in their own language, and I didn’t know.

You may protest that you have no prejudice against brown- or black-skinned people. You may really believe that. But you cannot know it. Only the person experiencing prejudice knows it.

Yes, some people may seem paranoid. But I, as a privileged white, have no right to tell them they’re wrong.

My granddaughter is black. And beautiful.

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