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Outgrowing Prejudice And An Invitation

In the 1960s, pre-women’s lib, I overheard a couple of men talking about Christian Science. One said to the other, “I wouldn’t trust any religion founded by a woman.” Sixty years on, and many physical, financial, and family healings later, I can think of many reasons not to trust a religious movement, and that’s not one of them. But I was young and thought, “Oh my! Should I be concerned?”

So I thought about what I’d learned in Christian Science Sunday School. Mary Baker Eddy, the woman the men were discussing, wrote the textbook I studied along with the Bible every Sunday. In Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, she talks about God as Father-Mother. Pretty standard fare today. But she wrote it in 1875.

I was taught to love God and my fellow man – “the sons and daughters of God” (Science and Health, p 515). To love my enemies. I was taught I could trust God and that I could prove that truth in my daily life – which I did. I was also taught that I was not to follow the teachings “just because” or through blind faith. My faith was to be based on understanding spiritual, demonstrable principles.

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