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Opinion : In defense of ‘wokeism’

The takeaway from the Feb. 22 front-page article “GOP leans into vague, expansive ‘wokeism’ ”: Arkansas Gov. Sarah Huckabee Sanders (R) would not be where she is today without the “woke” women of the not-so-distant past. James Carville is spot-on, as always. Kathleen Gerrity, Falls Church The excellent article on “wokeism” pointed out the irony of language. Those who denigrate and ridicule the “woke” folks are prejudiced against those who are against prejudice. To be woke is to be intelligent and aware of social injustice. It appears that the conservatives who point out the dangers of “wokeism” are trying to win the votes of the uninformed, intolerant members of our fractured society. Here we have the weaponization of a word that actually represents increased tolerance in those who are well-informed.

Joanne Doyle, Salisbury, Md.

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