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New 'State of Hate' report highlights discrimination, fear and hope in Rochester region

The Jewish Federation of Greater Rochester's Levine Center to End Hate has released the findings of its first community survey measuring people's attitudes toward and experiences of discrimination.

The "State of Hate" survey reinforces the idea that people from different racial and ethnic backgrounds appear to live in different worlds.

Karen Elam, director of the Levine Center, says the online survey of 843 adults in our nine-county region shows discrimination is just a theoretical concept for some but a daily experience for others.

"Whites are unlikely to personally know or have witnessed someone who has experienced discrimination, yet a majority of Blacks have witnessed acts of discrimination, most often while at work or shopping," she said.

According to the survey, more than two thirds of Black respondents say discrimination based on race or ethnicity is a big problem in Greater Rochester. Only 18% of white respondents agreed.

Many survey respondents said they felt unsafe because of their race or ethnicity.

62% of Black people, 65% of Jewish people, and 33% of LGBTQ-plus people said discrimination against their group has increased over the last couple of years.

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