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LGBTQ+ Nigerians face debilitating workplace prejudice

Nigerian LGBTQ+ employees have no legal support in the country and must often hide their true selves.

Finding an LGBTQ+-inclusive workplace in Nigeria is a herculean task.

While organizations across the globe are striving towards diversity and inclusion for minority groups, queer individuals in Nigeria continue to face discrimination and a lack of job opportunities in safe working environments.

While Nigerian organizations are expected to be devoid of personal bias and bigotry, that is often not the case. Beyond qualifications and expertise, there are often underlying factors during the hiring process that may impact a company’s decision to not extend an offer of employment — sexuality, physical appearance, religion, and tribe. Of these factors, sexuality is often a deal breaker, regardless of someone’s professional experience. What this means is that most queer people are compelled to hide their identities.

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