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Jack Use ! A calling out by Lorenzo Cherin

Once upon a time opens many a fictitious tale , and , once upon a time can do very well to set the scene of a factual one too , when facts are stranger than fiction!

Once upon a time ,a man called Emile Zola, on behalf of a man called Dreyfuss , said "J' accuse !" I acuse! A well known phrase ever since.The context, a miscarriage of justice in effect , is not as important for our tale ,as the nature of Dreyfuss. For he was innocent of the charges ,the French state, in all its might ,had brought against him. And he was Jewish. The crie de coeur of Zola was a rallying cry against the forces of prejudice , of lies ,and , as another nineteenth century writer and reformer , Chales Dickens ,would have said , of , humbug !

Today I see a prince of humbug , rather like a participant in a travelling circus of Barnum and Bailey, and today I see what , and who he is, and so today , I say it , Jack Use !

Jack Use , I know you for what you are , a Jack of all trades and a master of none . You have never done anything useful at all ! Yet , as you proport to speak for the common man , you are only common in that you are less than him , in your decency , or lack of it , and in your values, or lack of them as well, there is no fanfare music by Copland that plays on your behalf!

Jack Use , I know you for who you are , for you are all user , a user of people for your own purposes, of situations to your own advantage, and the voter of course is so useful to you , even as you are useless !

Jack Use , you on the street corner now rarely , but there still , though not still for long, riggling and waving your arms , shouting and screaming your prejudices!

Jack Use , you at the big rally now often , we see you there yet , and seeing is believing for the party faithful, who put their faith in you, for they lack it all too much as they have been let down all too often!

Jack Use , you,are what most of us do not want ,and fewer of us ,really need .

Jack Use , you who make us divided as a society ,and some , full of hate , as people.

Jack Use , you are not what we need , you are not who we like.

But we shall debate with you as you loiter on those street corners , and as you 're loud at those rallies.

We shall argue with you as you make your accusations !

You can try and become a President , but we shall set a precedent , and we shall beat you,

But not with hatred , but with force of argument !

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