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'It's discrimination': Christchurch man unable to sponsor displaced Ukrainian family

Christchurch man Sergey Buzin has been told he can't sponsor his sister and her children after they had been evacuated from the Ukraine war. Photo / Supplied

A 42-year-old Christchurch man is outraged that he is unable to sponsor his Ukrainian family, displaced by the war, to come to New Zealand because he was not born in Ukraine.

Sergey Buzin's sister Elena Mishchenko, 38, and her four young children were evacuated from Odesa, Ukraine, after war broke out and are now in a shelter in Bulgaria.

Mishchenko and her children aged between 3 and 14 are Ukrainians, and escaped the war on a Bulgarian evacuation bus when the war broke.

"I was born in the USSR when Ukraine was part of the Soviet Union, but not in the part of the USSR that is now part of Ukraine," Buzin said.

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